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Intro, My experience

Dear fellow readers, let me introduce myself. My name is tifanyeo. My hobby is traveling and take some of interesting picture every moment i have during the trip.

Please enjoy my blog, you can contact me using the comment form below or just email me.

thanks for your attention. happy holiday

Post by tiffanyeo (2016-06-06 02:59)

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Three Most Recommended Place in Singapore

When you see on the map, Singapore is really a small country, compared by others. Even it was more small than a city. Just being a small country doesn’t make Singapore lack of tourist spot. You will find numerous of interesting place for tourism destination here. Read this article and i will list some of the most interesting one.

Resort World Sentosa Island
I choose Sentosa Island as the top of my recommended list, since this island is human developed specially dedicated for tourism purposes. It has so much luxury hotels, attractions, restaurant, and all the tourist facility here. Some of the interesting attraction in Sentosa island is Universal studios Singapore, SEA aquarium, trick eye museum, wings of time show, and many more.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands is located in the middle of business district at Singapore. This is a landmark symbol of Singapore. Three big towers holding a luxury yatch look-liked. This is one stop entertainment place at Singapore because it has complete facility for us such as restaurant, clubs, shopping spot, malls, awesome view for taking photos, casinos, luxury hotels and awesome infinity pool (one of the best in Singapore)

The most chinese citizen in Singapore lives here. When you visiting this place, you will find very interesting Chinese cultures. There are so much of traditional store selling cheap stuff such as t-shirt, keychain, souvenir for just a few bucks. Be sure to buy some of them and give to your relative as the holiday souvenir. This place also have complete tourism facility such as hotels, attraction, national heritage spot, and restaurant. Chinatown has the most attractive restaurant since there is a dedicated road blocked by goverment just only for street food store, called smith street, chinatown.

However the most interesting place in Singapore is not just only three spot, there are hundreds of them. I just selecting three that might be the best that i could recommend for you when planning to visit Singapore. Just drop a question below or email me if you need any other informations regarding Singapore holiday. 

visit official website

Post by tiffanyeo (2016-06-06 02:52)

Tags: singapore holiday at singapore travel to singapore

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